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Monday, December 9, 2013

Why You Should Rock Black & White This Winter

Ciao you lovelies. 

What I'm listening to: She & Him - Baby It's Cold Outside
Fun fact about my life: I did absolutely NO shopping on Black Friday + Cyber Monday. It went against everything I believed in but since I was low on funds, I begrudgingly decided to not spend any money. Even for those sweet, sweet deals. 

I have to be perfectly honest, I've watched Breakfast at Tiffany's more times than I can remember. It's probably in the low hundreds.  I uncontrollably adore Audrey Hepburn, her classy and overwhelmingly elegant style, and of course, I'm in love with Cat.  

I chose this picture of Audrey because I love her and I love food and eating so.

I just love how Holly can wear a simple black dress and yet still look like the most stunning woman that ever lived and breathed (and you'd have a hard time convincing me otherwise).  Although I'm a firm believer in the  little black dress, I also believe in adding white into the mix. Also, I don't want to hear a single 'no white after labor day' comment because I will immediately dismiss you.  And then I'll feel bad and give you an over-the-internet kiss on the cheek.  The point is, I think the perfect mix of black and white is essential for a classy winter wardrobe.   And since I VERY rarely wear anything but dresses, I want to show you my favorite black and white dresses so far in whimsical filters.  I hope you like them! 

This is from Love Culture and is in the running for my favorite dress. 

This (from TJ Maxx) looks MUCH better on. The center is very form fitting and flattering, also the gold zipper on the back  is so pretty. 

This is from TJ Maxx as well (okay, I happen to be in love with that store... I AM that cheesy actress on the commercials who proudly proclaims 'I am a Maxxinista!).
The best part (if you can even see it) is the back which has a big cut out which is adorable, especially if you have adorable back tattoos (which I don't yet so I suck).
And of course, I love black TOMS, and TOMS in general. You  know.  Probably wouldn't recommend wearing these with a dress though.
I wear black tights with my black and white dresses because it is cold where I live, so I like to have a pop of color somewhere in my outfit. Usually, I'll don a pair of colorful shoes like the ones shown in the picture. Yes, I am wearing black PINK yoga pants.  Classic common white girl move.
Another way to pop that color into your outfit would be to add a bow.   Bows are super cute, feminine, and they are available essentially everywhere and come in any color you desire.  My favorite bows are from Claire's, BowKuma (online) and from different sellers on Etsy. 

And last, but certainly not least, these are red lipsticks from the Kate Moss collection that go superbly with a black and white ensemble. I'm obsessed with red lipstick, and I practically never leave the house without a coat on.  Of course, if wearing lipstick isn't your thing, there are also beautifully colorful lip glosses and balms that you could look into. 

Happy hunting for your classy pieces! 

Hope these suggestions are helpful! 


This is me going black and white for winter.  I have an awkward face, I know. ;)

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hey cutie pies! 

What I'm listening to: Beyonce - Love on Top (You can never un-listen to this song)
Fun fact about my life right now: Just ate a slice of pumpkin pie. The feels. 

It's been SO LONG since I've written anything here.  I think my last post was sometime in the spring, but I want to start blogging hardcore again. It's going to be difficult with school and working but I CAN DO THIS. YEAH.


November was exciting!  I spent way too much money, ate way too much food, and enjoyed life a little too much (if that's possible).  Not to mention my birthday was on the 23rd.  SEVENTEEN BABY.  It's actually probably the worst age to turn.  It's not as exciting as your sixteenth birthday but you're still a year away from being a legal adult.  So even though the number sucks, my birthday was pretty brilliant.  I'll get to that in a little bit. 

The purpose of this post is to show you all the little things I did/recieved/bought this month.  The list is pretty ordinary and random if you ask me, but I'm still attempting to get back in the swing of things in terms of writing and coming up with things that I can write about. 

I bought this for a total of two whole dollars.  As a HUGE fan of Sanrio + Hello Kitty, I got these wipes mainly because the outside was so cute, I wanted to squeal!  But once I opened the package, I immediately was impressed.  The wipes smell SO GOOD, and they keep your hands clean which is important if you're like me and live in a place where it gets really cold and people are always sick.
This backpack is from Claire's, and I absolutely adore it.  I wanted something super cute for school, but  I was a little worried at first because I thought it wouldn't hold all that I needed it to. Surprisingly, it's very sturdy and spacious, even though it doesn't look like it from the outside.  It was fairly cheap, all of their backpacks are around $20 and I've gotten a lot of compliments from it.  The only thing I'd say is that I go to a community college for high school + college classes (Don't ask me to explain, it just gets more confusing) so I don't have to carry that many books or other things around so if you have a lot, I would suggest just using this backpack for traveling or short trips.
I wanted to get a good (and if I'm being completely honest, hipster-ish) pair of glasses  I found the perfect pair on Zenni  Optical's website.  You should all buy your glasses from them.  They are EXTREMELY affordable, mine were only around $13 including tax and shipping.  I absolutely adore the wooden part of the glasses.  They are so unique, fun, quirky, and cute, you should get a pair and then we'll be matching.  Plus, they arrive really quickly so you won't have to wait for long!
This month was a really good one for me in terms of shows.   I went to go see an Irish indie worship band called Rend Collective Experiment (Top left) on November 20th, I saw the musical Once on my birthday, November 23rd, and Frozen just a few days ago.  Both the concert and musical shows were incredible beyond belief, but I'll get to them later.  As a girl obsessed with Disney and an even bigger fan of Tangled, I had such high hopes for Frozen.  Even though I thought it was pretty cute, I thought it lacked in the musical department.  I didn't particularly enjoy the songs or some scenes, but I did think it was a visually incredible movie.  And I liked the quirky twists the movie had.
REND COLLECTIVE EXPERIMENT.  Accents, bowties, and amazing songs.  Seriously though, their voices are like those of angels.  I laughed and cried.  It was such a good time.  Not to mention, through vicious and violent brute force (okay, not really), I made my way all the way too the front right. Also, right by the bass speakers. Basically I could feel the thump thumping all throughout my body.  It was majestic.
Can I just say, the Palace Theatre in Ohio is breathtakingly gorgeous?  I mean, wow. Every room was completely lovely. As if I wasn't already excited to see Once. All of the actors/actresses were compelling and incredible at playing their instruments.  I've been an enormous fan of Once the movie starring Glen Hansard + Marketa Irglova, and I pretty much stalked Once the Musical ever since clips and previews came out on YouTube. And when I found out the show was playing on my birthday, I had to go. If you haven't looked it up yet, please do. The songs will make your feels go crazy. Seriously.  If you don't believe me, just listen to the reprise version of Falling Slowly. See if your heart makes it through the violins.  I hope to see the show countless times. 
This is a quick selfie that I took with my best friend since elementary school,  Eva at Once.  We also went with my other gorgeous friend Makenzie, but she wasn't in this picture. I think she was on a quest for a soft pretzel.  Also, way to go, granny in the top right corner who totally nailed the whole photo bomb thing.  Keep on doing what you do.
 Also, if you care to know, my dress that you can hardly see is from Love Culture. 

I took this on the way back from Once.  We were driving past a lot of open fields and farms and I thought it was perfectly exquisite.  I edited it when I got home and I look at it a lot when I'm feeling especially wanderlust-y.  It reminds me of the beautiful world that's out there, and I can't wait to someday explore it all.
So, with an addition of Thanksgiving, November was such a success.  The only part of it that was dismal was when I received a lovely speeding ticket. Yep.  A speeding ticket. Hooray. 

I'm so excited to be back!  I'll try to commit to writing often. 

What did you all do for Thanksgiving?  Has anyone else suffered the wrath of a speeding ticket? 

Until next time,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Essentials

Ciao bellezze! 

What I'm listening to: Alas I Cannot Swim - Laura Marling 

Fun fact about my life right now:  I'm starting a new job on Tuesday.  Let's hope I don't fail! 

How is everyone on this fine day?

Today, I'm going to talk about essential items you'll need for my favorite season of the year, Spring!  I love this time of year because of the lovely flowers that seem to pop up everywhere, the weather is not too hot or cold, and school is winding to an end so I can do more of the things I love.  So with that being said, I'm going to show you guys my five Spring essentials. 

1. Retro Rompers

I realize this might not be an essential for most, but I have a growing addiction to rompers and I think they're perfect for Spring.  They're best worn with flats or wedges, and if it gets chilly, a sweater.  I've never gotten why some people think they look like diapers, they're so cute and chic!  This is my romper, it has a coral background with thick white stripes all over. 

2.  Hippie Footwear

These decorated flats are from a thrift store, they were very cheap and still are very cute to me!  They look very down-to-earth and they're really comfortable to walk around in.

3.  Pattern Sunglasses 

Summer isn't the only season to rock lovely shades in!  Spring is the perfect time as well to bring out the floral and polka dot sunglasses.  You can find these literally everywhere, from the likes of Forever 21, Love Culture, Target, Kohls, to even second hand stores.  Flaunt 'em with a vibrant shade of lipstick and you're good to go!

4. The Perfect Backpack

[grdx02092]Cute Bowknot Lace Blue Backpack

Spring is the perfect time to go on adventures and you'll need a bag to store your things in.  Why not go for a super cute backpack?  This one is from an online store called Luulla. 

5. Ukelele

I really do think that this is an essential!  A ukelele is much smaller than a guitar but it sounds just as good, even better in my opinion, and you can bring it pretty much everywhere!  They're very cheap, mine was one fifty bucks, and they're super easy to learn how to play, and how to tune them.  I got mine for my birthday and I play it everyday.  It's also great to take on the adventures you may go on in the spring and summer. 

So there is my extremely random list of Spring essentials, comment if you especially like/need one of them!  Which one's your favorite?
Until next time, 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite 5 Bloggers!

Ciao bellezze!

What I'm listening to: Laughing With - Regina Spektor
Fun fact about my life right now: I'm going through a serious jellybean addiction.  Someone, help.

Okay, so as of late, I've been hardcore stalking casually observing different blogs, especially you guys who follow me!  There are certain other blogs however, that don't follow me, but I adore them too much to not mention them in this post!

(To be clear, none of these blogs asked for recognition).

This is Scathingly Brilliant, my first pick!  The author's name is Kate Gabrielle, I can't tell you how many times that I've just poured over all of her posts.  She's beyond beautiful, and her style cannot be matched!  Please check her out because her blog is so pretty, it will make you cry.

Check her out here!

Favorite post: All the Disney princess outfit posts!

The second one is Jasmine Blu, who actually follows me on Twitter.  I screamed when that happened.  Feel free to judge me.   I love her and her blog so much because she's super cute and feisty!  If you follow her on Twitter, you know what I mean.  She's incredibly sweet to all of her followers, but she stands up for what she believes in.  Jasmine, (whose real name is April)  really is a girl's guide to life with her extremely helpful reviews on super cute items!

Check her out here!

Favorite post: Cute Ebay Finds (Spring clothes). All of her finds are affordable and adorable.

This is a blog run by two of my good friends, called LillyRae Beauty and Fashion.  I love their blog because they offer beauty and fashion inspiration for the everyday girl!  They show you how to be chic without spending hundreds of dollars on labels and brands that are unnecessary.  They are pretty new, so please go and follow them!  You won't be sorry!

Check them out here!

Favorite post:  Best Packing Tip Ever! and Manicure Mania!

This is a blog called Mermaidens by an ADORABLE girl named Kailey who I really want to be best friends with.  Her style and taste in clothes and beauty is exquisite.  Also, if you don't dig her perfect, rose-colored pastel hair, your eyes need to be checked!  She shares my cat obsession too, which is cool.

Check her out here!

Favorite post:  Bubblegum

Last, but certainly not least, this is Danielle of Ghosts Waltz.  Her blog really is one of my favorites, if not my favorite.  Her pastel hair is to die for (and has encouraged me to seriously consider dying my hair this color) and her posts just make me considerably happy.  Her photography, editing, outfits, and make up is positively ravishing.  And she wants to be a mermaid.  We basically are the same.  Please check her out, you will not be sorry!

Check her out here!

Favorite post: Ice Cream Pastels
So those are my favorite 5 bloggers!  Please check them out, tell me if you follow any of them, or if you love love love any of them like me!  Also, if you know any good ones that I should creep on view (maybe your own), tell me!  I love reading blogs and following them.  


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OOTD - Springtime Outfits

Ciao bellezze!

What I'm listening to: People Help The People - Birdy 
Fun fact about my life right now: I'm planning an out of country trip right now!  More details later.

I haven't blogged in a while and it makes me sad!  I miss it!  I've just been extremely busy as of late with finals and the end of school coming up.  I'm going to try to blog more often though to those who actually read this ol' thing. 

Today I'm going to show you three pretty outfits that I've been wearing lately now that spring is coming (at least, where I live).  Tell me what you think!

This super cute denim dress with pearl buttons is from TJMaxx. The bow is from Bow Kuma and the mustard yellow heels (which I am totally in love with) are from a thrift shop!

This red, starry dress is from Target!  The tights are from Forever 21, as well are the earrings. The hardly- there gray boots are from Target.  The quote is obviously from one of my favorite ladies, Marilyn Monroe.  I just had to throw that in here!

Don't mind my derpy, make up-less face in the first picture, haha!  The pearly, peplum, peter pan collar blouse is from TJMaxx (I'm going to write a post about all the marvelous things I've gotten there soon!).  Somehow, a pen got uncapped in my washing machine and it splattered ink over the top of this blouse.  It wouldn't wash out and after I got over being dismayed, I just sewed a black lace stripe over the stained parts.  I must say, I'm proud!  These jeans are from Love Culture, they're my favorite pair!  The color is so nice and flattering, and they make your ass incredible!  And ladies, we love that. 

Comment and tell me what you think!  What do you think of my modified blouse? 

Until next time, 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time To Get Inspired!

Ciao bellezze!  

What I'm listening to:  C'est la Mort - The Civil Wars Fun fact about my life right now:  I bought a ton of cute things from the thrift store that I'm going to show you guys later.  A pair of pastel pink shoes are included!   

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend, because I sure did!  I spent the weekend with my close friends that are two adorable sisters and we basically ate a ton of food, watched Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls, and had great, deep conversation.  It was fab.  

Unfortunately (and especially so for those who just got off of spring break) Monday comes back to haunt us, and it's easy to get gloomy, to just 'get by', and not appreciate all the good things we're missing.  So I, Carolina, as I procrastinate on the homework, am going to try to inspire you with my favorite quotes!  Pinterest is a gem.  Hope you all can feel a little happier after reading these!

And this is the last one!  

Hope you all have lovely, LOVELY weeks! 

Until next time, 


P.S Tell me which one's your favorite! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get The TV Look - New Girl

Ciao bellezze!

What I'm listening to:  A Heart Full of Love - Les Miserables Soundtrack (from the incredible, incredible movie!)

Fun fact about my life right now: I am so behind in math.  I hate it so much, why does it exist.  Can I get an amen?

Okay, so I decided (as if this hasn't been done a million times) that every week or every other, I'm going to write a Get The Look on a character from a TV show of whose clothes you are coveting.  Or at least ones that I really am.  I hope you guys like these, please comment if you want me to do a particular character, and I'll do my best to write a Get The Look on them! 

This week's character is funky, adorkable, beautiful Jess from New Girl!  Played by the wonderful Zooey Deschanel (my ultimate style idol/girl crush), Jess is a unique middle school teacher who moves into a loft with three highly amusing guys after she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her.  I am an all time winner at horribly depicting shows and movies, so just check it out for yourself if you live under a rock and have never even heard of this hilarious show.  New Girl brings playful, quirky fashion to life as Jess rocks frilly dresses, peter pan collars, and short skirts with tights.  Basically, I meshed all of her pretty outfits into three of my own that I picked out.  Enjoy! 

The first thing you're going to want to do is curl your hair with a thicker wand curler to get the loose and thick curls, and then put half of it up like Jess almost always wears her.  Also, thicken your lashes with half a pound of mascara.  I don't have any, but if you do, wear them fake lashes.  Also, if you have boring light brown eyes like me, feel free to take a moment and cry about not having big blue eyes like Zooey.

This is one of Jess' many fancy outfits.  Usually, she pairs a cute dress (mostly just a solid color a-line) with a thick coat. 

In the picture, she wears a cream-colored dress and a brightly colored coat.  But for me, I inverted that and wore a mint colored dress from Forever 21 and a light gray coat from Kohls.  These black bow flats are from Top Shop. 

Jess rocks a lot of plain a-lines, and pulls a belt to really cinch the waist and give her a narrow look.  Also, she flaunts these ADORABLE glasses (that she probably actually needs, unlike me). 

This black dress with puffed sleeves is from Forever 21, glasses were from a used clothing store called Plato's Closet.  The red bow ballet flats are from Banana Republic.  Also, I'd like to point out that she wears a lot of black tights. Like, in almost every single episode with a cute miniskirt or black shorts. 

Yes, that miniskirt.  Jess wears it a lot with an assortment of pretty cardigans, which I adore! 

I tried my best to copy this, with a twist. I chose a pastel pink cardigan, white cami, and a black tutu from Target.  Even though it's not pictured, I am sure that Jess would rock a black tutu like this.  Oh, and where did my bangs go?  I haven't the slightest clue. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!  Do you think these outfits depicted Jess' style?  I hope everyone thinks so! 

Oh, and I wasn't kidding. Suggest to me some styles I should cover!  

Have a lovely day, until next time,