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Monday, December 9, 2013

Why You Should Rock Black & White This Winter

Ciao you lovelies. 

What I'm listening to: She & Him - Baby It's Cold Outside
Fun fact about my life: I did absolutely NO shopping on Black Friday + Cyber Monday. It went against everything I believed in but since I was low on funds, I begrudgingly decided to not spend any money. Even for those sweet, sweet deals. 

I have to be perfectly honest, I've watched Breakfast at Tiffany's more times than I can remember. It's probably in the low hundreds.  I uncontrollably adore Audrey Hepburn, her classy and overwhelmingly elegant style, and of course, I'm in love with Cat.  

I chose this picture of Audrey because I love her and I love food and eating so.

I just love how Holly can wear a simple black dress and yet still look like the most stunning woman that ever lived and breathed (and you'd have a hard time convincing me otherwise).  Although I'm a firm believer in the  little black dress, I also believe in adding white into the mix. Also, I don't want to hear a single 'no white after labor day' comment because I will immediately dismiss you.  And then I'll feel bad and give you an over-the-internet kiss on the cheek.  The point is, I think the perfect mix of black and white is essential for a classy winter wardrobe.   And since I VERY rarely wear anything but dresses, I want to show you my favorite black and white dresses so far in whimsical filters.  I hope you like them! 

This is from Love Culture and is in the running for my favorite dress. 

This (from TJ Maxx) looks MUCH better on. The center is very form fitting and flattering, also the gold zipper on the back  is so pretty. 

This is from TJ Maxx as well (okay, I happen to be in love with that store... I AM that cheesy actress on the commercials who proudly proclaims 'I am a Maxxinista!).
The best part (if you can even see it) is the back which has a big cut out which is adorable, especially if you have adorable back tattoos (which I don't yet so I suck).
And of course, I love black TOMS, and TOMS in general. You  know.  Probably wouldn't recommend wearing these with a dress though.
I wear black tights with my black and white dresses because it is cold where I live, so I like to have a pop of color somewhere in my outfit. Usually, I'll don a pair of colorful shoes like the ones shown in the picture. Yes, I am wearing black PINK yoga pants.  Classic common white girl move.
Another way to pop that color into your outfit would be to add a bow.   Bows are super cute, feminine, and they are available essentially everywhere and come in any color you desire.  My favorite bows are from Claire's, BowKuma (online) and from different sellers on Etsy. 

And last, but certainly not least, these are red lipsticks from the Kate Moss collection that go superbly with a black and white ensemble. I'm obsessed with red lipstick, and I practically never leave the house without a coat on.  Of course, if wearing lipstick isn't your thing, there are also beautifully colorful lip glosses and balms that you could look into. 

Happy hunting for your classy pieces! 

Hope these suggestions are helpful! 


This is me going black and white for winter.  I have an awkward face, I know. ;)


  1. I'm a big fan of rocking the black and white in winter. And your colourful shoes are all so lovely!

    Gorgeous photo of yourself too!


  2. Looking cute!

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  3. Don't worry, you look much better in pics than I do! ;-)