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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 Quirky Thrift Store Treasures

Ciao bello gente!

What I'm listening to: Flapper Girl - The Lumineers (if I could marry a song... this would be it)
Favorite thing I'm wearing: My knitted leggings from!  The pattern is really cozy and cool.
Fun fact about my life right now:  I'm watching the episode of New Girl where Nick and Jess kiss for the first time and I'm giggling like the village idiot. I just want to be them. Is that too much to ask?

So in my last post, I talked about how I frequent thrift stores quite often.  Well, in this post, I'm going to show you three of the quirkiest things I've gotten while sifting through racks and racks of grandpa sweaters, polyester pants, and adult onesies.  This is the thing though, I wear the things that people laugh at in the store, in public. I can't help myself, I love a good outlandish outfit that most people wouldn't wear!

So here they are in very crappy iPhone quality:

Cost: $2
Why I love it: The collar and the soft blue color immediately appealed to me, but the problem was the length and the altogether Little House on the Prairie look it gave off.  You can't see it, but this dress fell right close to the ankles. So I just shortened the length as well as the sleeves and made them puffier. Then, I belted the darn thing and called it good. I was pretty proud of it at the end, contrary to my expression in the third picture. ;)

Cost: $1
Why I love it:  Honestly, I just adore the wackiness to it.  I tried it on just for fun in the Salvation Army, and two of the workers there begged me to get it because they were firmly convicted that I could pull it off.  The thing is, I actually kind of love this! The shape of it gives me a good looking figure, and what's to hate about that?

Cost: ???
Why I love it:  This, I have to thank my best friend Eva for. She bought this for me, but the original dress had sky high shoulder pads an an unfortunate collar that was humongous and very unflattering. So I just cut out the shoulder pads and the pesky collar and called it good. I LOVE the sunflower buttons and the vintage floral pattern. Oh, and the puffy sleeves are to die for.

So that's it for this post!!  Comment if you share my love for quirky thrift shop treasures, or even if you just want to laugh at my odd taste in clothes! Oh, and my lovely friend Rae fixed up my blog to make it look adorable. Honestly, I'm obsessed with the cursor that bursts with rainbow sparkles! Eeee! Comment and tell me if you like it!

Until next time,



  1. I'm definitely in love with the Lumineers. ♥ Especially the song 'Ho Hey'.


  2. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

    1. Thank you!! You are beautiful and I love your blog! Followed. Xx

  3. Hi! I love your blog! I am completely in love with the last picture! If I saw it in a store, I would buy it right away. Can you tell me some thrift stores that you shop in?