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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Allegra K Little Black Dress w/ Hearts Review

Ciao bellezze!

(I'm taking an Italian class at my college.)

Anyways, this is my real first post! Hooray! I've decided I'm going to answer these three VERY random things before every post:

What I'm listening to: Never Wanted Your Love- She & Him
Favorite thing I'm wearing: My black, polka dot tights from Forever 21!
Fun fact about my life right now: After writing this post, I'm going out for a Shamrock Shake!

Okay, I'm going to review this black dress I bought from Allegra K on Amazon a while back. I'll do a more thorough review on Allegra K in general later on, but for now I'll just write about the black dress. That Shamrock Shake is calling me, you know. This is the original dress:

Anyways, I had my reservations when I saw that the dress barely cost $10 with no reviews at all, but me being me, I just bought it anyways. I opened the package, pretty much fearing the worst. Actually though, the dress fit very nicely, and the sewing job was well done! You'll have to iron it as I did, but otherwise, I think it's cute! Here are some pictures of it on me though, so you can see for yourself and judge away! ;)

In these shots, I paired it with black tights (primarily because that's what happened to be on my legs at the time) but I wear it like this usually anyways. I wear wingtip eyeliner, red lipstick, and red heels to complete this outfit. I usually go with a sock bun to fully show off the partially see-through back, but I also like the classy french braid.

Here's the link for the dress! Be careful though if you want to buy anything else from Allegra K. I've gotten one or two things that were unsatisfactory, so just make sure to not be dumb like me and buy things that have raving reviews! :)

Until next time,


(Link to the dress. It says extra small, but I am 5'6 and 122 pounds and NOT an extra small and it still fit with just enough room to spare.)


  1. You're such a good writer and these dresses are all ppeeeeerrrrffffeeeecccctttt. You probably got excited about this comment but it's just me so lol @ ur lyfe.

  2. Oh Rae, did you comment on the wrong post? Well, maybe you shouldn't have told me you commented on this!

  3. Love the black polka dot dress :)
    Could you maybe have a look at my blog and follow/let me know what you think?

    Laura xx

    1. Thank you! Love your blog, already gave it a follow! Xx