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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Liebster Award-ish Thing

Ciao bellezze!

What I'm listening to: You Are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne
Favorite thing I'm Wearing: Blue denim dress with polka dot bring that has pearl buttons that button up to my neck from TJ Maxx (I'm a humongous Maxinista, shoot me).
Fun fact about my life right now: Where I'm from, the warm weather has just begun so I've been bike riding a lot on my vintage bike from the 40's or 50's. Not sure which. 

Okay so you all probably know of the Liebster award thing that's going around the blogsphere (is that a thing?) and if not, I can't really tell you what it is because I really don't know myself.  All I know is that people from blogs nominate like ten other blogs for this Liebster award thing and ask them questions.  It's actually been really cool seeing all these questions being answered!  However, I'm severely new to this blogging business, and wouldn't know who to nominate or how it's done so I'm being a blog Grinch and only answering the questions asked of me.  Sue me.  However, thank you so much to the three people that did nominate me!  You guys are the bomb diggity.  I'm blushing. Xx 

The first lovely who nominated me is Daniela Huber from this gorgeous blog

1. Who is your fashion icon and why? I have three. Can I use three? Yes, I can.  Audrey Hepburn because she's classy and elegant.  Marilyn Monroe because she's flirty and fun.  Lastly, Lana Del Rey because her style is classic with a modern twist. 
2. What are the 5 pieces you couldn't live without?  Clothing pieces?  I couldn't choose.  Over the last year, I've been obsessed with either retro or kawaii dresses so I've bought so many of them, I couldn't choose just five.
3. The thing you like the most about yourself?  I like that I like myself.  I used to have terrible self esteem issues, but I've learned to accept who I am, and to focus on other people instead of myself. 
4. Your perfect outfit for the 1 date with the parents? Like, with my future boyfriend's parents?  Sorry, I'm probably screwing this up, I suppose I would stay true to my usual style and wear a nice peter pan collar blouse, a cute a-line skirt, and a pair of kitten heels! 
5. What kind of phone do you have and why?  The iPhone! I love the photography aspect of it the most, especially Instagram!  You guys should follow me, just saying. ;)
6. Do you like vegetables?  Depends.
7. When you grow up what would you like to be?  Photographer or an indie/folk artist.
8. Tell me about your dreams. I dreamed a dream in times gone byyyy, when hope was high and life worth liviiiiing.  Also, I dream a lot about getting married. I want to get married very badly. 
9. What is your favorite TV show and why?  New Girl! I love the hilarity and quirkiness of all the characters.  Also, the Walking Dead is incredible. It just is.
10. Flats or high heels?  HEELS. 
11. Do you prefer the bright or the dark?  I despise dark rooms, but I prefer the night over the daytime. I do my best thinking/writing during the nighttime, and I am obsessed with the stars.

The second person to nominate me was a beautiful girl from a blog called Bright Eyes and Beautiful Lies (which, by the way, is splendid).  Check her out here!

1. Where are your top three places to travel?  I want to travel EVERYWHERE before I die so I just can't narrow down to three places!  My top six, however, are Paris, Rome, London, Ireland, New Zealand, and Tokyo, Japan. 
2. Who is your favourite Disney princess (or character)?  I'm so obnoxious... I can't just pick one of them.  I'm a huge Disney geek.  My favorites are Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel, Flynn, and Megara. 
3. Do you believe in anything supernatural?  Well, I believe in Jesus, He's pretty supernatural. 
4. Who is your favourite author? I have so many, but right now I'm digging Ed Morgenstern. 
5. If you could choose one junk food to be magically turned healthy, what would it be?  Jelly. Beans. 
6. If you could live in a world from a book, which would you choose? NO. I CAN'T. SO MANY GOOD ONES. Probably Hogwarts though. 
7. What are your pet peeves?  When people can't accept other people because of their differences. 
8. What is your dream job?  Photographer, music artist, actress, make up artist, and anything that has to do with fashion.
9. What is your favourite accent?  If you've got an Irish accent, I am basically already in love with you.
10. Sweet, salty, or savoury?  Sweet!
11. Why did you start blogging?  Blogging combines writing, photography, fashion, and whatever else I decide to throw on here, and it's too much fun to do! <3 

The third blogger to nominate me, was the lovely Issy from this wonderful blog.  Everyone should check her out!

1. What's your favourite meal?  Anything authentically Italian. 
2. Post the favourite photo you've ever taken, and why is it your favourite?  Probably this one,  I just like the contrast and colors.  I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope that doesn't sound vain. 

3. What's your favourite cocktail?  Well, I'm underage but I love any kind of virgin mojitos! 
4. What's your favourite book?  I have literally SO many, but Perks of Being a Wallflower has always held such a dear place in my heart. 
5. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you love to go?  Ireland or Italy.
6. What's your essential wardrobe item?  A cute, vintage dress. 
7. What song would/did you have at your wedding?  Dear True Love by Sleeping at Last
8. Who's your favourite comedian?  TINA FEY OR AMY POEHLER, THEY ARE GODDESSES. 
9. What do you love most about where you live?  Honestly, not much. I guess I do love all the wonderful friends that surround me. 
10. How did you choose your blog name?  To be honest, my blog name is rather dull, but I guess I just liked the simplicity of it. 
11. Would you prefer to have a dog or cat as your household pet?  CAT. CAT. CAT. 

These were such GOOD questions. Thank you all!  All the nominations made me so happy!

Now the eleven random facts about myself:
1. I'm sixteen
2. Obsessed with cats
3. Obsessed with musicals, especially Les Miserables
4.  I don't go to public school, I take classes at a community college
5. I love dressing cutely
6. I play the ukulele and piano 
7. I'm starting my job at a bubble tea shop next week
8. I love having deep conversations
9.  I sleep in a loft
10. I would love to be an astronaut, I'm obsessed with stars. They're beautiful!
11.  I wish I was a mermaid so I could sleep in the bathtub and not drown

So those are some random things about me.  Can anyone relate to the Irish accent thing? Yes? 

Until next time, 


P. S. Be sure to check out all these blogs, plus my dear friend Rae's blog!  She has such divine taste and she deserves WAY more followers and views! 


  1. Brilliant answers for all the questions! Glad you liked them :) thanks for linking up to my blog!

    Issy (:

  2. Congratulations on the award! Just followed you and would love it if you followed me back!


    1. Omg I adore your blog! You are beyond lovely! Followed. Xx

  3. This is super lovely ! ! ! !

  4. I would chose Hogwarts too! Go Harry Potter!